How to Install vStream Addon on Kodi

This guide will tell you about the vStream Kodi addon and help you install and use it on Kodi. The addon will work regardless of the operating system you use to run Kodi.

Most third-party video add-ons for Kodi offer English movies and shows. However, such add-ons might not be the first choice of those who don’t natively speak English. If you are French, you would certainly want to enjoy French-language content on-demand with your friends and family members.

vStream is one of the few Kodi addons that offer French VOD content for free. The developer is maintaining it for the past four years, and the add-on works flawlessly at the time of writing. If you are searching for a way to watch native/dubbed French movies and shows without paying for an expensive subscription, then vStream addon has pretty much everything you need.

What does the vStream Kodi Addon Offer?

vStream is a popular add-on that offers access to French movies, series, documentaries, and catch-up TV show episodes. The streaming library also consists of French-dubbed films from Hollywood, as well as TV shows and web series from renowned American television networks and streaming services.

If you are an anime fan, you can use vStream to watch the latest episodes of your favorite anime shows. It opens the door to a vast anime library, which you can sort by genre and year.

Besides, vStream lets users stream national and regional French TV channels, including Canal+, CNews, CStar, France 2 / 3 / 4 / 5, TF1, TFX, TMC, and many more.

You can stream some of the channels in HD as well. Furthermore, the add-on lists live streams for different sports, such as baseball, basketball, cricket, eSports, football, hockey, handball, tennis, volleyball, etc. French radio stations are also accessible.

vStream does have Trakt integration, meaning you can import your universal watchlist and favorites to the following add-on just by linking your Trakt account. You can also bookmark movies, shows, and channels in vStream and have instant access to them.

The add-on sources French content from over 80+ sources, which ensures high-definition streaming quality for the most part. However, you can link your AllDebrid account to fetch up to 4K (2160p) streams for select content.


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Features of the vStream Kodi Addon

  • vStream has a massive collection of French films and series. Documentaries and anime shows are also available.
  • Users get to watch French television channels, radio stations, and live sports streams too.
  • The add-on offers easy access to bookmarks and watch history.
  • Thanks to the add-on’s vast source list and AllDebrid support, you can stream your favorite French content in up to Ultra HD quality.
  • vStream on Kodi is free to use, and it’s regularly updated with new features and bug fixes.

How to Install vStream on Kodi

Unlike most other third-party add-ons, neither the vStream addon nor the repository has an individual source. Instead, you need to get them from the Kodi-vStream GitHub page and install vStream from local storage.

Alternatively, you can use the Git Browser tool, which lets Kodi users download and install Kodi add-ons from GitHub sources. The following steps will show you how to get Git Browser and use it to install vStream addon on Kodi.

1. Allow Addons from Unknown Sources

Kodi is preconfigured to prevent users from installing add-ons from any sources other than the official Kodi repository. Thankfully, the behavior can be changed from the Kodi Settings. The process is illustrated below.

  • First, click the gear icon on the top-left corner of the Kodi home screen to open Settings.
  • Next, select System at the bottom row of the Settings menu.
  • Hover over the Add-ons tab in the sidebar, then toggle the slider ON next to Unknown Sources.

Unknown Sources

  • Click OK to ignore the warning prompt, then return to the Settings menu.

If you feel uneasy about your device’s security and privacy, you can disable the option after installing the required add-ons and repositories. However, you will have to enable it the next time there’s an update for the vStream add-on.

2. Install the TVAddons Repository

The TVAddons Repository is where you will find the Git Browser add-on. Hence, you will need to get it first from the Fusion source, which is home to the Indigo add-on and dozens of trusted Kodi repositories. Here’s what you have to do:

  • Select and click the File manager tile in the Settings.
  • Click Add source on the next screen. A small window should open up immediately.
  • Now click the <None> text in the window and enter the following source URL: Click OK to return.

TVAddons Repository

  • After that, type in a name for the source in the bottom text field. We will go with “Fusion” for reference.


  • Click OK to save the file source and go back to the Settings menu.
  • Next, click Add-ons in the Settings to visit the Add-on browser page.
  • On the next screens, select “Install from zip file” and choose Fusion (or the name you used for the source) from the list.

Fusion addon on kodi

  • Open the kodi-repos folder from the parent directory and select english.


  • Scroll down and click the file. It will send you back to the Add-on browser page.

In a few seconds, a notification should confirm the successful installation of the TVAddons Repository.

3. Install Git Browser from TVAddons Repository

Now that you have access to the TVAddons Repository, you can install the Git Browser by going through the steps below.

  • First, click “Install from repository” on the Add-on browser page.
  • Choose CO Add-on Repository from the next screen.
  • Now select Program add-ons in the following repository menu, then highlight and click the Git Browser add-on.
  • Finally, click Install and wait for Git Browser to get installed.

Once it’s done, head over to the Add-ons section on the Kodi home screen and click the Git Browser logo to launch the add-on.

install git browser

4. Use Git Browser to Install the vStream Kodi Addon

You are now a few steps away from installing the vStream Kodi add-on. All you need to do is launch Git Browser on Kodi and follow the instructions below to get the vStream add-on.

  • Click the “Search by GitHub Username” option on the Git Browser page.
  • Now select New Search and enter “Kodi-vStream” in the text field. Click OK to begin the search.


  • In a few moments, you should see three search results on the screen. Scroll to the middle and click the file.

  • Finally, click Install to confirm the installation of the vStream Kodi add-on.

watch french movies on kodi

  • When it finishes installing, proceed with the Continue option as there’s one more thing you need to install.
  • Click in the search results to install the vStream Repository.
    While this step is optional, you can update the vStream add-on from its repository when there’s a new version.
  • Restart Kodi to finalize the vStream add-on and repository installation.

Upon relaunching Kodi, visit the Kodi home screen’s Add-ons section. You will be able to launch the vStream add-on from right below the Video add-ons row.

install vStream Addon

How to Use the vStream Kodi Addon?

The vStream Kodi addon is easy-to-use, thanks to its simple and organized categories. You get to choose between several options on the main screen, including Movies, TV Show, TV Replay, Television/Music, Anime, Documentary, Sports, Web video, etc. Other useful options include:

  • Search / Visual Search
  • My Accounts / Tools
  • Bookmarks / History

The first eight options mentioned above are self-explanatory, with each having its own set of subcategories. You can choose to sort all the content by genre and year. However, the Visual Search option is the ideal way to explore vStream’s streaming library. The add-on automatically downloads the posters, making it easier to search for popular and top-rated French movies/shows.

vStream Addon on Kodi

When you choose a movie or episode to play, a list of sources will appear. The quality should be labeled in front of the streamable links. It’s worth mentioning that you won’t be able to playback content from sources like AllDebrid, Uptobox, Uploaded, and 1Fichier, unless you log in with an account. To do that, you can go to either the My accounts folder or the Add-on settings from the Options menu.

To access the live TV channels and radio stations, head over to the Television/Music section. In case one channel stream doesn’t work, you can select another one from the source list. Make sure to click the 1080p link for the best quality possible.

If you wish to bookmark a movie, show, or documentary, right-click it or press and hold the Select button on the remote, then click Bookmark in the context menu. You can access the content from the Bookmarks folder of the add-on. To check the search and watch history, visit the History folder instead.

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Wrapping Up

This is how you install and use the vStream addon on Kodi. While we expect this guide to help you with the installation of the following add-on in every possible way, you can ask us anything related to this topic in the comments below.

As the vStream Kodi addon relies on unofficial streamable sources, you might get into serious trouble for streaming pirated content. To avoid such issues, make sure to anonymize your streaming activities from the prying eyes by connecting to a VPN server.

Still, we would strongly recommend our readers to pay for a streaming service instead.

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