How to Install UK Turks App on FireStick

The following step by step instructional guide will show you how to install UK Turks App on FireStick.

The app also works on other Fire TV devices, including the Fire TV Box/Pendant and Fire TV Cube. Furthermore, Fire TV Edition Smart TVs and Soundbars are compatible with the UK Turks app

There are many subscription-based streaming services available for Fire TV devices, but a considerable percentage of users lean towards free options.

Many of you search for free alternatives likely because of a restricted budget. It’s quite normal nowadays given the sudden increase in subscription plans. Managing multiple streaming subscriptions a month can cost you more than what you usually pay for traditional cable and satellite television packages.

If you have stepped into the gray area of streaming apps before, then you probably have heard of UK Turks at some point. It’s a popular Kodi add-on now available as an app for Android devices.

UK Turks is an excellent free video streaming app for Fire TV users. Now that you are here, it seems to have piqued your interest as well. If you wish to watch the latest content on your big screen, consider checking out this guide to install UK Turks app on Firestick.

What does UK Turks App on FireStick offer?

The UK Turks app offers movies, TV shows, and documentaries on-demand. It has a built-in media scraper that continually searches for freely available video streams on public websites. The app organizes the movies and shows in different categories and subcategories to make the content easily accessible to the users.

UK Turks also offers hundreds of live TV channels. Once again, the app relies on the media scraper tool for streamable sources. Besides, you can also stream animated films and shows, stand-up comedy flicks, and listen to hundreds of radio channels worldwide.

Depending on the sources, you will mostly find live channels in SD quality. However, you can expect to watch the latest movies and TV show episodes in up to 1080p Full HD. The app doesn’t have any Debrid integration, meaning it’s impossible to watch higher resolution streams on UK Turks.

Features of UK Turks App

  • You can watch your favorite shows and films for free on the UK Turks app. Live TV channels are included as well.
  • The app lets you mark on-demand content and live channels as favorites and offers quick access to them.
  • UK Turks on Firestick allows users to set up external players for stream playback.
  • You can check for updates directly from the app and keep it updated. No additional sideloading is required.
  • The UK Turks app is free to use, and it doesn’t have any in-app advertisements.

How to Install UK Turks on Firestick

Unfortunately, the UK Turks app is not available on the Appstore. To get it on your Firestick, you have to sideload the APK file. Sideloading is an intimidating process for many of you, but it’s our job to help you out.

In order to install UK Turks on Firestick, all you have to do is follow the instructions below. The steps are separated into three big parts to make it easier for you to sideload an app on Firestick next time.

#1: Get Downloader on Firestick from Appstore

If you don’t have the Downloader app on Firestick, get it from the Amazon Appstore. You will need it to download the UK Turks APK file, and it’s the only viable app for you to use right now.

  • First, highlight the magnifier icon situated at the upper-left corner of the Fire TV Home screen.
  • In the following search menu, enter “Downloader” by clicking the individual letters on the on-screen keyboard. You may use the Voice search option if you wish.
  • Next, choose the top result related to the Downloader app in the search menu.

search for downloader

  • On the next page, click the Downloader app tile in the Apps & Channels.

select downloader app icon

  • Click Get to start downloading the Downloader app.

Once you install Downloader, press the Home button on the Alexa Remote to return to the Fire TV Home screen. You should now follow the second part of the instructions below.

#2: Enable sideloading on Firestick

The next thing you have to do is enable sideloading on Firestick. By default, Fire TV devices are configured to disallow app installation from unknown sources, like every other Android-powered devices.

You can easily get past it by turning on a developer setting, which can be accessed by all Fire TV users. Here’s how to find and enable it:

  • Scroll past the other options in the Fire TV Home screen’s navigation panel to select Settings.
  • Now scroll right once again to the Device or My Fire TV If you have a newer Firestick model, look for Device & Software instead.
  • Visit the Developer options menu from the next page and click Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Source

  • Continue with clicking Turn On to close the warning message and enable sideloading on Firestick.

UK Turks is a safe app to install. You may turn off the following developer option after installing the app.

#3: Sideload UK Turks App on Firestick

Once you have sideloading enabled, launch the Downloader app and go through the entire process, which goes as follows:

  • If Downloader asks for storage permissions, click Allow to continue. You may read on through the quick start guide and click OK to skip it.
  • In Home, click the Search bar and enter the following link:

UK Turks App on Firestick

  • Now click the Go button and wait for the UK Turks APK file to start downloading.

UK Turks Apk on Firestick

  • After the file is downloaded, the installer should open up on its own. Click Install to proceed.

install UK Turks App on Firestick

  • Finally, click Done once the UK Turks app is installed. You should see the Downloader window once again.
  • Delete the UK Turks APK file to clean up the device’s internal storage.

To launch the UK Turks App, scroll down to the Fire TV Home screen and click See All under Your Apps & Channels category. You will find the newly installed app at the bottom of the apps list.

While the UK Turks app tile is highlighted, press the Options button on the Alexa Remote and click Move. Placing it at the top of the apps list will cause UK Turks to show up on the Fire TV Home screen alongside other installed apps.

An Overview of UK Turks App on Firestick

The UK Turks offers a straightforward user interface with categories and subcategories. When you launch it on Firestick, you should see nine different options on the app’s main screen: Live TV, TV Shows, Movies, Documentaries, Standup, Cartoons, Concerts, Radio, and Favorites.

overview of UK Turks App

The Live TV page is separated into a few categories, which are Live TV, Sports TV, Turkish TV, PPV Replays, and CCTV. Above each section, you will also find a search bar you can use to find your favorite channel or content.

On the TV Shows page, you will find Catch Up TV, Current TV Shows, and Classic TV Shows. You can search for the latest episodes from the search bar as well. If you are looking for box sets, consider visiting the Current TV Shows section. You will find all the available shows in alphabetical order.

To mark something from the streaming library as your favorite, all you have to do is click the blue heart icon next to the search bar above. In case you didn’t notice, the Favorites page is accessible from the main screen.

When you select a movie or TV show episode, you can choose a streamable link and the content should start playing back immediately. The built-in player works well, but misses out on rewind and fast-forward features. However, the developer of the UK Turks is well aware of the issue and will resolve it with upcoming updates.

For now, we recommend you to use an external player for the video playback. Here’s how you can change the player from the app:

  • Click the cog icon on the upper-right side of the UK Turks’ main page.
  • Now click Player Settings and choose a player you have installed on your Firestick. The best options are the MX Player and VLC Player.

That’s it! The selected player will launch automatically when you choose to play a live or on-demand stream.

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Wrapping Up

That’s all you need to know in order to get UK Turks on Firestick. Bear in mind that we refrain from endorsing apps like this due to the unlicensed content they host. While the following streaming app is safe to install, we advise you to stream unlicensed content at your own risk. This guide has been compiled with informational purposes in mind.

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