How to Install Smart YouTube TV on FireStick

In this step by step guide, we will discuss about how to install smart youtube tv on firestick.

Smart YouTube TV works with Fire TV devices running Fire OS 5 or above, including the Firestick (all variants), Fire TV (2nd/3rd Gen), Fire TV Cube, Fire TV Edition smart TVs, and soundbars.

Last year, the YouTube app officially returned on the Amazon Fire TV platform after the prolonged feud settled between Google and Amazon over streaming technology and features. Before that, Fire TV devices came preloaded with just a web shortcut to the TV version of YouTube, which is now defunct.

Fire TV users back then had access to a handful of alternatives to the official YouTube client, such as NewPipe and SmartTubeNext. However, one of the most popular unofficial YouTube clients is none other than Smart YouTube TV, which has been inactive development for quite some time now.

Smart YouTube TV shares the same interface as the official YouTube Fire TV and Android TV app. In fact, you get early access to some of the YouTube app’s upcoming features on Smart YouTube TV first. It serves as a launcher for four different YouTube interfaces, which we will discuss later.

If you want to Install Smart YouTube TV on Firestick and learn more about its features, perhaps you should check out this detailed guide.

Benefits of Using Smart YouTube TV on Firestick

The official YouTube app for Fire TV and Android TV has its deficiencies. It’s noticeable especially if you use it on a daily basis, such as performance slowdowns, bugginess of the timeline slider, disappearing voice search option, and frequent connection errors.

Google has rectified some of the major issues with recent updates, but it still is not perfect for day-to-day usage.

Smart YouTube TV is an unofficial, open-source client. It offers the same original experience as the official YouTube (TV) app, but it has undergone significant internal tweaks to provide an overall better experience.

Furthermore, it is built mainly for Android-powered TVs and set-top boxes that support neither the official YouTube app nor Google Play Services.

In case you didn’t know, Play Services is a necessary component for the official YouTube app to work. If it’s not pre-installed as a system app, the app will simply crash or refuse to connect to Google services.

For cheaper Android-powered boxes and televisions that don’t have Play Services, Smart YouTube TV is an excellent alternative. It runs without depending on the Google Play Framework.

In addition, Smart YouTube TV removes advertisements from videos. You may still see ad banners on the home page of the app, but starting advertisement segments and midrolls are totally disabled.

Sometimes, ads get pretty annoying, and Smart YouTube TV offers an uninterrupted video streaming experience.

The following unofficial YouTube client also offers granular controls over video and audio quality, unlike the regular resolution options in the first-party app.

When you wish to change the video quality, you get a detailed view of the resolution, framerate, bitrate, and codec. Hence, you can adjust the quality based on how much headroom is available in streaming performance. The client supports up to 4K@60fps w/ HDR video playback.

Smart YouTube TV also offers a multilingual search keyboard, alongside a dedicated voice search option. The overall performance of the YouTube client is significantly better than the official one. The video timeline slider feels responsive as well, even when you are scraping through high-resolution videos.

Smart YouTube TV offers several other features, frequent feature updates, bug fixes. It supports navigation with the Alexa Voice Remote too. Considering how versatile the client is, it’s a no-brainer for Firestick users to use it over the official YouTube app.

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Features of Smart YouTube TV on Firestick

  • It’s one of the few third-party YouTube clients that have log-in support. This means you get access to your subscriptions, playlists, liked videos, purchases, and personalized video recommendations.
  • If you have a Firestick 4K and an Ultra HD TV, you can max out the video resolution to 2160p at 60 frames per second, alongside HDR playback.
  • You can add multiple Google accounts and switch between them seamlessly.
  • Smart YouTube TV takes advantage of the Alexa Voice Remote’s playback buttons, letting you play, pause, fast-forward, and rewind without bringing up the overlay in the video player.
  • It’s a free, open-source, and a better YouTube client in every aspect. You can safely sideload it on your Firestick and install new updates directly from the app.

How to Install Smart YouTube TV on Firestick

Installing Smart YouTube TV on Firestick takes a little bit of effort, as it’s not officially available on the Amazon Appstore.

If you haven’t installed third-party apps on your Firestick, we recommend you to check out the instructions below to sideload Smart YouTube TV apk on Fire TV device. It’s worth mentioning that the following YouTube client is totally safe to install.

Step 1: Get Downloader on Firestick

Let’s begin with installing the Downloader app on Firestick first. It’s one of the only official apps that provide download functionality on Fire TV devices. The following steps will help you install it from the built-in Amazon Appstore:

  • First, scroll to the Search tab on the top-left corner of the Fire TV Home screen.
  • After that, input “Downloader” in the field using the on-screen keyboard. You may use the Voice search option as well.
  • Choose Downloader from the instant results in the same window.

search for Downloader

  • On the following screen, select and click the Downloader app right below the Apps & Channels.

click the Downloader app

  • Click Get once you are on Downloader’s Appstore page. The app should start downloading immediately.

After installing the Downloader app on your Firestick, return to the Fire TV Home screen and go through the next step below.

Step 2: Enable Sideloading on Firestick

Sideloading is disabled on Firestick by default, like every other Android device. All you have to do is go to the Developer options menu to enable it. The option isn’t hidden, so you won’t have to go through additional steps to unlock it.

  • Start with visiting the Settings menu from the Fire TV Home screen.
  • Scroll past all the other options in the Settings menu and click Device & Software. Search for Device or My Fire TV if you have an older Firestick model.

My Fire TV

  • After that, highlight and click Developer options in the following menu.

Developer options

  • Next, click Apps from Unknown Sources in the Developer options.

Apps from Unknown Sources

  • Click Turn On to enable the option, regardless of the warning message.

Sideloading is now enabled on Firestick. If you are concerned about your device’s security, you can turn it off after sideloading the Smart YouTube TV app.

Step 3: Install Smart YouTube TV on Firestick

You are now ready to sideload the Smart YouTube TV app on Firestick. Launch Downloader from your Fire TV Home screen and go through the following steps:

  • Allow Downloader to access your Firestick’s storage system, then click OK to skip the first-time instructions.
  • Now click the URL bar on Downloader’s Home page and type in the following link:

Smart YouTube TV on Firestick

  • Click Go to load the link. The Smart YouTube TV APK file should begin downloading.
  • Once downloaded, the Android Installer pop-up should appear over the Downloader window. Click Install to authorize the installation.

install Smart YouTube TV app on Firestick

  • Upon successful installation, click Done. It should send you back to the Downloader window.
  • Finally, Delete the Smart YouTube TV APK file to free up storage.

To open the Smart YouTube TV app, go to your Fire TV home screen and scroll down to Your Apps & Channels row. If it’s not listed there, click See All for an expanded view of installed apps. You should find the app at the end of the grid.

To make Smart YouTube TV show up under the row, highlight it in the apps grid, and press the Menu (☰) button on the Voice Remote. After that, click Move and position it to the top of the grid.

Guide to Log in to Smart YouTube TV on Firestick

When you launch Smart YouTube TV for the first time on your Firestick, it will ask you whether it can improve the user experience by filtering ads and other content. Click Yes to agree.

Log in to Smart YouTube TV

You should now see three options: Sign in on your TV, Sign in with a web browser, and Skip. If you wish to access your subscriptions and personalized video recommendations, proceed with the second option. Otherwise, click Skip to continue without logging into your Google account.

If you have continued with the second option, follow the steps below to log in to the Smart YouTube TV app.

activate smart youtube tv app

  • Now enter the code displayed on the Smart YouTube TV app, then click Next.
  • Assuming you are logged into your Google account, select it from the list.
  • The following page should prompt you whether you would like to give “YouTube on TV” access to your Google account. Click Allow to continue.

Once you get the “Success! Device connected” message, you should see the login screen disappear in the Smart YouTube TV app.

After that, you can explore recommended videos on the Home page, check out new videos from your subscribed channels in Subscriptions, and access your history, watchlist, playlists, and purchases from the Library page.

Information Regarding Launcher Options in Smart YouTube TV

Smart YouTube TV has different UI modes. When you launch the app the next time, press the Back button on your Alexa Voice Remote to get redirected to Smart YouTube TV’s launcher settings.

In the following menu, you will see four options: PRO Main, PRO Alt, LITE Main, and LITE Alt. Only the first and third options matter for Fire TV users.

If you wish to take full advantage of Smart YouTube TV, continue with the PRO Main option. It also enables up to 4K60@HDR video playback, which is limited to 1080p60 on the LITE Main option. Another difference between two of the modes is the video player.

The PRO Main mode gives you access to the custom player with advanced video and audio quality options. In contrast, the LITE Main mode offers access to the stock YouTube player with zero additional features.

Unless you are using the Firestick 4K or the 2020 Firestick models, stick with the LITE Main option for the best performance. PRO Main features resource-intensive options.

Other than that, Smart YouTube TV offers the same user interface as the official YouTube app on Firestick, minus the advanced player in the PRO Main mode. Note that both mode filters advertisements from the videos.

If you want to tweak your Smart YouTube TV experience, click Settings in the launcher options. It includes tweakable options related to performance, aspect ratio and zoom, navigation, streaming codec, etc. You can also change the app’s Language from the launcher options.

To Conclude

We hope this guide has helped you install and log in to the Smart YouTube TV on Firestick. It’s an excellent third-party YouTube client, offering an overall better YouTube experience than the original Fire TV app.

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