How to Install ReleaseBB Kodi Addon

This guide contains all the information you need to install and use the ReleaseBB Kodi addon. We will use the latest version of Kodi to walk you through the installation.

There’s no doubt that add-on support is Kodi’s most vital feature, given how drastic its effect leaves over your Kodi experience. Without such modularity, Kodi is just a media player offering zero additional benefits over other popular options.

The excellent community support for Kodi results in hundreds of third-party add-ons that aim to deliver a better streaming experience.

Video add-ons are used the most among Kodi users, primarily due to the availability of free live and on-demand content. As long as there’s a publicly available streamable source, you can watch your favorite films, shows, and live television channels on Kodi without paying for subscriptions.

Since you are clearly searching for new video add-ons to try, it’s an excellent time for us to introduce you to the ReleaseBB addon.

With premium movies, shows, documentaries, and other content to offer on-demand, this add-on has been recently making some buzz in the Kodi community. Now is your chance to try it out.

What does ReleaseBB Kodi Addon Offer?

releasebb kodi addon

The ReleaseBB Kodi addon provides on-demand access to a vast selection of movies, shows, and additional content. It pulls up streamable links from dozens of public domains, like every other third-party video add-ons. However, most of the free links work as intended.

If you are looking for high-quality stream links, ReleaseBB is an excellent choice as it supports three of the most popular Debrid services: Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, and Premiumize.

On supported hardware, you can stream the latest films and select TV show episodes in up to 4K HDR quality. For any video add-ons, we recommend users to link their Real-Debrid account for a better streaming experience, and the ReleaseBB add-on is no exception.

You can browse movies and shows from the organized categories. However, there’s a separate search option in case you know what exactly you are looking for.

It’s worth mentioning that ReleaseBB doesn’t have Trakt integration. While it isn’t something you might use, others will find it a bit cumbersome to import their watchlists and history to the add-on.

Features of ReleaseBB Addon

  • ReleaseBB has a massive collection of free movies and shows to offer to Kodi users.
  • It offers native Debrid integration, meaning you can watch premium on-demand content in the highest possible quality.
  • The add-on receives regular updates, which you can install directly from Bugatsinho’s Repository.
  • You can manually search for a movie or show in the ReleaseBB addon.
  • ReleaseBB works best on Kodi Leia, but you can install it on Kodi Krypton too — only if you manually update the dependencies.

How to Install ReleaseBB Kodi Addon (Installation Guide)

The ReleaseBB Kodi addon is hosted on Bugatsinho’s Repository. As usual, you need to first get the repository on Kodi, then install the ReleaseBB add-on later.

Installing third-party Kodi add-ons is an intricate process, which is why we have tried to simplify the installation instructions for newcomers. The following tutorial is divided into three individual parts, and each part has been broken down in detail as follows:

Part 1: Enable Unknown Add-on Installations

If you haven’t installed third-party add-ons on Kodi before, you need to enable the “Unknown sources” option from the Settings. Here’s how to do it:

  • First of all, open the Kodi app on your device and wait until it boots you to the home screen.
  • Navigate up and click the cog icon on the home screen’s top-left corner to open the Settings menu.
  • Now select and click System in the following Kodi Settings menu.
  • Highlight Add-ons in the left sidebar, then move to the right and click Unknown sources.

Unknown sources

  • You don’t need to be intimidated by what the warning message says. Click Yes to dismiss it anyway.

ReleaseBB is a third-party video add-on, but it’s safe to install on Kodi.

Part 2: Install Bugatsinho’s Repository on Kodi

As mentioned previously, you need to install Bugatsinho’s Repository to get access to the latest version of the ReleaseBB add-on. The whole process goes like this:

  • Head over to the Kodi Settings menu and click File manager in the options.
  • Select the Add source option in the File manager. It will bring up a new window.
  • Click <None> in the window and enter in the following field without making typos. You can click OK to go back to the window.

Bugatsinho's Repository

  • Now highlight the next text field and enter “Bugatsinho” using the keyboard. However, you can give the source any name you want.

Bugatsinho Repo

  • After that, add the source by clicking OK under the window, then return to the Kodi Settings menu and click Add-ons.
  • On the Add-on browser screen, click Install from zip file and select Bugastinho (or whatever you named the source before) from the following list.


  • Finally, click the file in the root directory.

Bugastinho zip file

Once you see the Bugatsinho Repository: Add-on installed notification, follow the final step below to install the ReleaseBB add-on.

Part 3: Install ReleaseBB Kodi Addon

Now that you have Bugatsinho’s Repository installed, it will take you a few more steps to install ReleaseBB on Kodi. Simply follow the instructions below.

  • Scroll down to the Install from repository option on the Add-on browser screen and click it.
  • Select Bugatsinho repository from the following list of repositories installed on your Kodi.
  • Now go down and click the Video add-ons You should be able to select ReleaseBB from the add-ons list.

ReleaseBB addon

  • On ReleaseBB’s info page, click the Install button, followed by OK in the following pop-up window.

ReleaseBB kodi addon

When you get the “ReleaseBB: Add-on installed” notification in Kodi, go back to the home screen and select Add-ons from the sidebar, then highlight the Video add-ons category. You should be able to launch the ReleaseBB addon.

How to Use ReleaseBB Addon on Kodi

Unlike most other video add-ons, ReleaseBB has a simple interface with only a few options on the homepage, which are Movies, TV Shows, Search, Settings-Tools, Set View, etc.

ReleaseBB addon on kodi

From the Movies section, you can browse through different categories, such as Recommended Movies, Foreign Movies, TOP, 3D, 4K UHD, Bluray 1080p, BDRip, etc.

Similarly, you can discover top shows and box sets from the TV Shows section. Alternatively, you can search for a movie or show from the Search option on ReleaseBB’s homepage.

Once again, we strongly advise you to enable a Debrid service in the ReleaseBB add-on for fetching better quality streams.

Guide to Set up Real-Debrid on ReleaseBB

Since we don’t have access to AllDebrid or Premiumize accounts yet, we will show you the way to set up Real-Debrid on the ReleaseBB add-on. However, the instructions are mostly the same for other Debrid services.

  • First, highlight and click the Settings-Tools option on the ReleaseBB homepage.
  • Select the Resolver tab in the window, then click Real-Debrid Auth under the Premium Services Authorization section.
  • Once you get the activation code, open up in your current browser.

  • After that, type in the code in the empty field and click Continue. You will be asked to sign in to your Real-Debrid account.
  • Enter your Real-Debrid account credentials to sign in and complete the set-up process.

When you get the “Application allowed” message, you can close the activation page in your browser and return to the Kodi app. You should see a notification regarding the successful Real-Debrid resolver authorization.

To Conclude

As you can see, the ReleaseBB Kodi addon is an excellent add-on that offers a vast library of premium on-demand content.

Although you can expect to stream your favorite movies and shows in HD from the free stream links, you definitely need to link your Real-Debrid account with the add-on for streaming in up to 4K resolution.

The instructions in this guide have been compiled with the latest version of Kodi, but Krypton users can still follow it to install the ReleaseBB add-on. Furthermore, the steps universally apply across all supported Kodi platforms, including Windows, Android, Linux, iOS, and macOS.

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