How to Install Numbers Kodi Addon

The detailed instructions in this guide will show you how to install the Numbers Kodi addon. We have also provided additional steps to enable Real-Debrid on the add-on for high-quality links.

If you are searching for ways to stream the newest movies and shows on-demand for free, Kodi add-ons are an excellent choice. You basically get access to an unlimited catalog of content that you can’t usually get even on major subscription-based streaming services.

There are a few shortcomings of using a Kodi add-on for content consumption, primarily the reliability. It’s only annoying to come back home after a long day just to find out that you can’t watch your favorite show or movie on the big screen because the add-on has suddenly stopped working.

That’s probably the case for many of you, which is why you are here now. Fortunately, the Numbers addon has been one of the best video add-ons for Kodi for quite some time due to its extensive streaming library and exceptional reliability.

While video add-ons like this are doomed to stop working someday, you can at least enjoy your favorite content on the television for now. In case you are wondering, Numbers is a fork of the Exodus Redux add-on.

What does Numbers Kodi Addon offer?

The Numbers Kodi addon offers hundreds of movies and series. It uses the Universal Scrapers API to search for public streamable links for the content you choose to stream, similar to some of the third-party streaming apps on Android.

Besides movies and series, the Numbers addon also offers TV boxsets. You can watch your favorite TV shows season by season, provided that there’s a working link for every episode. If you are into factual programming, the add-on also includes access to documentaries.

Furthermore, the Numbers add-on has an individual section dedicated to kids’ shows and educational content. It even offers fitness and cooking-centric programs on-demand, which is quite rare to find on other third-party video add-ons.

If you are into UFC, you can watch the PPV and Fight Night replays on the Numbers add-on as well. However, it doesn’t offer live access. Apart from that, the add-on also lets you stream radio feeds, music tracks, and music videos.

Features of the Numbers Add-on

  • The Numbers add-on has a massive collection of on-demand content, including movies, shows, boxsets, documentaries, MMA replays, music, and more.
  • You can discover new content from dozens of user-curated collections and genres.
  • It supports Debrid services, including Real-Debrid, Premiumize, Linksnappy, and AllDebrid.
  • You can link your Trakt account with the Numbers add-on to synchronize your watchlist and favorites.
  • The Numbers add-on has been receiving regular updates, and it currently is a flawless Kodi video add-on.

How to Install Numbers Kodi Addon (Installation Guide)

The Numbers Kodi add-on is found in the CellarDoorTV Repository. If you haven’t installed the repository yet, you need to get it before you install the Numbers add-on.

As usual, it takes some effort to install a third-party Kodi add-on, especially if you have never done it. The following step-by-step installation guide will show you how to get the Numbers addon on Kodi.

Step 1: Allow Unknown Add-on Installation

Before installing a third-party repository or add-on, you must first allow unknown add-on installations on Kodi, just like how it’s done on Android devices.

  • First, launch Kodi on your device. Wait until the splash screen disappears and you are booted to the home screen.
  • Select and click the gear icon on top of the home screen’s sidebar to open Kodi Settings.
  • In the Kodi Settings menu, go down and click the System.
  • After that, scroll down to the Add-ons option on the System page, then go right and click Unknown sources.

Unknown sources

  • Click Yes under the following prompt. You can safely ignore the warning message.

Numbers is a trusted video addon in the Kodi community. However, you can later turn off the “Unknown sources” option for security.

Step 2: Install the CellarDoorTV Repository

CellarDoorTV Repository hosts the latest version of the Numbers Kodi add-on. You can follow the steps below to add the source and install the repository.

  • Visit the Kodi Settings menu and select the File manager
  • Next, click Add source in the File Manager window. A new Add file source window will appear on the screen.
  • Click <None> and enter the source URL: You can now click OK to return to the window.

  • Go down to the bottom text field and enter a name for the source. For example, we have chosen to name the source “CellarDoorTV.

CellarDoorTV repo

  • Now click OK at the bottom of the window to add the following repository source to your Kodi.
  • After that, return to the Kodi Settings menu and click the Add-ons option above.
  • On the Add-on browser page, click Install from zip file and select the source you just added (CellarDoorTV in our case).

cellardoortv repo

  • Click the file in the source’s root directory.

cellardoortv repo on kodi

In a few seconds, a notification will show up on the top-right corner of the screen regarding the successful installation of the CellarDoorTV Repo.

Step 3: Install Numbers Kodi Addon

Once you have successfully installed CellarDoorTV Repository on Kodi, simply go through the final steps to install the Numbers addon.

  • Head over to the Add-on browser page and click Install from repository.

Install from repository

  • Next, select CellarDoorTV Repo in the following list of repositories installed on Kodi.
  • Go to the Video add-ons folder, then keep scrolling through the add-ons list until you find NuMb3r5.

numbers addon

  • Now click the add-on, followed by the Install button on the info page.

numbers kodi addon

  • Click OK when you are asked to install additional scripts and dependencies alongside the Numbers add-on.

After half a minute or so, you should see the NuMb3r5 Add-on installed notification.

To open the Numbers add-on, go to the Kodi home screen and select Add-ons from the sidebar. You will see the add-on listed under the Video addons category.

A Quick Overview of Numbers Add-on on Kodi

Numbers Kodi addon

The Numbers add-on is straightforward to use. The main page has dozens of options, including Movies, TV Shows, Kidzone, Collections, Networks, Boxsets, Documentaries, 24/7, Music, Fitness, Screensavers, Learning, UFC, Recipes, System, and Search.

The Movies, TV Shows, and Boxsets sections break down into dozens of categories and genres, making it simpler for you to find your preferred content from the library. However, you can also manually search for a movie or show from the Search option on the main page.

From Collections, you can browse content by popular collection. Similarly, you can head over to the Networks section to view content from only a particular television network or streaming service.

At the time of this writing, the 24/7 section is offline. However, it may start working again when you install the Numbers add-on at a later date. We can confirm that the Kidzone, Fitness, Learning, Recipes, Music, and UFC sections are working as intended.

From the System section of the Numbers add-on, you can add your Debrid and Trakt account, as well as tweak add-on related settings. You can even clear the cache, search history, and providers from the Tools menu.

How to Add Real-Debrid to Numbers Addon Guide

The Numbers add-on already has dozens of free stream providers, but they might not always work. The best you can do is add Real-Debrid to the add-on to get access to high-quality streamable links. It’s a must-have for those who want to watch the latest films and series in up to 4K Ultra HD quality.

  • First, scroll down the add-on’s main page and click System.
  • Now go to the Accounts menu and click the Authorize: Real-Debrid An activation window will pop-up on the screen with a code.
  • Open a separate tab in your web browser and visit

activate real debrid

  • Quickly enter the activation code in the field and click Continue before it expires in two minutes.
    Note that you can always generate a new Real-Debrid activation code by following the first two steps above.
  • Log in to your Real-Debrid account and authorize access to the Numbers add-on.

You will get a notification in Kodi once you successfully enable Real-Debrid. The next time you choose something to watch, look out for the streamable links at the top with the “RD” initial, which stands for “Real-Debrid.”

To Conclude

Numbers is a surprisingly good video add-on for Kodi users, as it offers access to a wide range of on-demand content. This guide has shown you how to install the Numbers Kodi addon and enable Real-Debrid on it.

Although it’s totally possible to install the Numbers add-on on the aging Kodi v17.6 Krypton version, Debrid services may not work without proper updates to the additional dependencies.

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