How to Install Media Lounge on FireStick

In this article, we will be showing you the easiest way to Install Media Lounge APK on FireStick.

Subscription-based on-demand and live TV streaming services have seen a major influx in user base and gained relevance in recent years.

However, the subscriptions have lost their appeal due to the drastic price increase. It’s one of the reasons why the growth in cord-cutting has taken a sudden break.

Although you can rely on ad-supported services, the offerings are stale compared to premium options, and the intrusive advertisements make up for an overall unpleasant streaming experience. Original programming is also very limited.

This is where third-party streaming apps do a much better job. Apps like Cinema HD and Syncler are currently trending among Fire TV and Android TV users because of their massive catalog and streaming-centric features.

The following apps mostly provide unlicensed streams, but it’s safe for you to access them as long as your country doesn’t enforce strict copyright and piracy laws.

Since you are here, you probably have past experiences with other third-party streaming apps. If that’s the case, you will also find Media Lounge quite appealing for its live TV and on-demand streaming library.

You can learn more about the app in this guide, as well as install Media Lounge on Firestick. In the end, we will also walk you through its interface.

What does Media Lounge on Firestick Offer?

Media Lounge app on Fire TV Stick

The Media Lounge apk has a vast library of movies and TV shows. You can stream the latest Hollywood films and TV show episodes on-demand, as long as there are enough streamable links to choose from.

The app’s built-in media scrapers rely on public sources to fetch HD streams for the content you wish to watch.

Media Lounge uses open-source APIs to tell users what movies and shows are currently trending or popular among viewers. It also sources extensive information from online movie databases so that you can learn more about new content.

When browsing the app’s on-demand library, you can narrow down your searches by filtering it within a particular category or genre.

Apart from that, Media Lounge also offers live TV channels. You can watch hundreds of channels from dozens of Asian, Middle Eastern, European, and North American countries.

While most of the channel streams are limited to standard-definition, it’s a free bonus addition to the app nonetheless.

Many of you will find Media Lounge’s dedicated sports library the most appealing. It not only offers live streams of major sports events but also provides access to premium pay-per-view boxing, MMA, and UFC fights for free.

If you miss out on the live stream, you can watch the replay later on-demand. Furthermore, the streaming app even offers HQ music tracks and hundreds of radio station feeds.

Media Lounge has Debrid integration, meaning you can enjoy your favorite movies and shows in up to 4K resolution if you can have a Real-Debrid account. If you are a Trakt user, you can also import your watchlist to the app by logging with your Trakt account.

Features of Media Lounge on Firestick

  • You get on-demand access to an endless catalog of movies, TV shows, web series, and documentaries.
  • Media Lounge features live TV channels and premium sports content.
  • Navigation with the Alexa Voice Remote is intuitive regardless of the unconventional interface layout.
  • You can enable Real-Debrid to get the best possible streaming quality for the on-demand content.
  • Media Lounge is free to use. In-app advertisements are present, but it doesn’t require you to sign up for a subscription.

How to Install Media Lounge on Firestick

Media Lounge is developed by I4Apps. Unfortunately, the app is unavailable on official Android storefronts like the Google Play Store and Amazon Appstore.

Still, it’s possible to sideload Media Lounge on Firestick, as it’s basically powered by Android under the hood. Amazon allows developers to test out their apps on Fire OS, and you can take advantage of it to install APK files on your Fire TV device.

In order to install Media Lounge on Firestick, check out the step-by-step tutorial below.

1. Allow App Sideloading from Settings

Assuming you haven’t installed apps on your Firestick from unknown sources before, you need to enable a developer setting first. Here’s how to allow app sideloading on your device:

  • First, go to the Fire TV Home screen and highlight the Settings tab at the top panel.
  • Scroll to the right and select My Fire TV from the options. In case you can’t find it, look for Device or Device & Software.

My Fire TV

  • Now head over to the Developer options page and click the Apps from Unknown Sources.

Apps from Unknown Sources.

  • Click Turn On under the warning prompt to enable app sideloading.

Upon installing Media Lounge, you can go to the Developer options menu and disable the following setting if you are concerned about the Firestick’s security.

2. Get Downloader on Firestick from Appstore

The Downloader app allows users to download files on Firestick. You will need it to download the Media Lounge APK file.

If you already have Downloader installed on your Firestick, skip this step and proceed to the next section. Else, follow the steps below to get it from the Appstore.

  • From the top panel of the Fire TV Home screen, select the magnifying glass to expand the Search menu.
  • Search for “Downloader” using the virtual keyboard, then click the top suggestion in the Search menu.


  • The Downloader app should be listed under the Apps & Channels row of the following page. Click it to continue to the Appstore page.

Downloader on firestick

  • Click Get to begin the download. Downloader should be installed on your Firestick soon.

After installing Downloader, click Open on the Appstore page, then proceed to follow the final instructions set.

3. Sideload Media Lounge APK on Firestick

With the Downloader app, you can easily download and install Media Lounge on Firestick. The whole process goes as follows:

  • If you are opening Downloader for the first time, click Allow to give it storage permissions. You can then go through the quick start guide.
  • On the Home page, highlight the URL bar and type in the following link:

Media Lounge APK on Firestick

  • Now hit the Go button on the on-screen keyboard. The Media Lounge APK file should start downloading immediately.
  • The installer will pop-up over the Downloader window once the APK file finishes downloading. Click Install to sideload it to your Firestick.

install Media Lounge APK on Firestick

  • After the installation goes through successfully, click Done to go back to the Downloader app.
  • Delete the Media Lounge APK file to clear up storage. You won’t have to keep it after the sideload.

That’s it! You will be able to launch Media Lounge on Firestick from the second row of the Home screen titled “Your Apps & Channels.

If the entire row is occupied by other apps you have installed, click See All and go to the bottom of the apps list to open the Media Lounge app. You can Move it to the top to make it show up right under the row.

A Brief Look at Media Lounge’s UI on FireStick

When you launch Media Lounge for the first time, you will be asked to give the app access to the Firestick’s location. If you don’t want it to track your geolocation all the time, click Deny.

The streaming app also asks for storage permissions for caching temporary files and downloading subtitles for streams. Click Allow to continue.

By default, Media Lounge opens up the Movies catalog. You can open up the navigation sidebar by clicking the burger icon on the upper-left corner of the screen. You can now switch to TV Shows, Live TV, Sports TV, Music, and Adult sections from the sidebar.

Media Lounge’s UI on FireStick

When you select a movie, Media Lounge will automatically fetch the streaming sources for you. All you have to do is choose a source and click Play. The movie will start playing back in a few moments. In case you get interrupted by an ad banner, press the Back button on your Alexa remote to close it.

For the best stream quality, scroll down to the Real Debrid section in the sidebar and select Real Debrid – Login to link your RD account to the app. You will be given an activation code, which you need to enter in

setup Real Debrid

In Media Lounge, you can browse through the seasons and episodes of a selected TV show in chronological order. Once again, selecting a TV show episode will redirect you to a list of streamable sources, from where you can choose a link and start watching.

When browsing through the Movies and TV Shows catalog, you can click the down-arrow icon in the top menu bar to filter your search to a particular genre. Alternatively, you can click the magnifier icon and manually type the name of the content you are looking for.

Note that the channels in the Live TV section don’t have multiple sources to choose from. If a stream doesn’t work, you basically have no choice but to try out other channels. The same goes for the live sports and PPV streams on the Sports TV page.

If you wish to use a different player for the stream playback, simply toggle the sidebar, then scroll down and click the Choose Default Player option. You will be able to switch to MX Player, VLC for Fire TV, and any other media player app installed on your Firestick.

Choose media Player

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Final Verdict

Media Lounge is an excellent all-in-one app for streaming on-demand movies and TV shows, alongside live TV channels and sports content. It’s compatible with not only Firestick but also the Fire TV Cube, Fire TV, and other Fire TV Edition smart devices.

Bear in mind that the info presented in this guide is for educational purposes only. Before you use Media Lounge, make sure that you fully understand the copyright laws in your country to avoid criminal offenses. We hold zero responsibility for the legal issues you may face for streaming unlicensed content.

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