How to Install Live TV Serbia Kodi Addon

In this guide, we will discuss the Live TV Serbia addon in detail and show you how to install it on Kodi. You can also check out the brief overview of the Live TV Serbia Kodi Addon later in this guide.

In this age of cord-cutting, online live TV services have slowly dethroned cable and satellite television providers and become the new standards for linear content.

However, OTT subscriptions have gotten equally expensive as traditional TV packages in the last few months. Thankfully, Kodi users won’t have to worry about it.

Millions of people across the globe use Kodi for online content consumption. It’s now more relevant than ever thanks to the presence of free video streaming add-ons. Users can browse through vast libraries of movies and TV series and stream the latest content on-demand without paying for a monthly subscription.

Similarly, you can install an IPTV addon on Kodi to watch your favorite television channels for free. If you live in Europe, Live TV Serbia addon is an excellent Kodi addon to start with.


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What does Live TV Serbia Addon offer?

Live TV Serbia is a free IPTV Kodi addon for Kodi. It provides access to hundreds of entertainment, news, and sports channels from several European countries, including Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Germany, Hungary, etc. Premium live TV channels from the United States and the United Kingdom are also available.

Live TV Serbia even offers ad-supported channels and on-demand movies/shows from Crackle, Locast, Tubi TV, Popcornflix, Pluto TV, XUMO, etc. It has a separate section dedicated to live sports streams.

You can watch regular-season baseball, basketball, football, hockey, and soccer events for free. In addition, the add-on lists live streams and on-demand replays of PPV boxing and MMA content.

Live TV Serbia doesn’t have any additional features. You can at least mark channels as favorites and access them quickly from the add-on menu. In case one channel stream stops working, you can pick up a backup one from the list, and it should start playing back. It’s worth mentioning that most of the channel streams are shown in SD.

Since Live TV Serbia sources streams from other popular Kodi addons, it will prompt to install them when necessary.

Features of Live TV Serbia Kodi Addon

  • The add-on has hundreds of Balkan live TV channels to offer. Premium entertainment and sports networks from the US and UK are also accessible.
  • You can watch American and European sports events, as well as enjoy live PPV boxing, MMA, and wrestling matches for free.
  • On-demand content from ad-supported services can be found in the streaming library.
  • You can mark channels as favorites and access them quickly when needed.
  • Live TV Serbia is free and doesn’t interrupt users with pesky advertisements.

How to Install Live TV Serbia Addon on Kodi

It takes several hoops to go through before you can even install Live TV Serbia on Kodi. Since it’s available on the Live TV Serbia Repository, you need to install it first to get access to the add-on.

The following steps will help you install Live TV Serbia on Kodi. Note that the instructions will apply to all revisions of Kodi.

1: Enable Addon Installations from Unknown Sources

Kodi limits users from installing third-party add-ons by default for security purposes. Having said that, you can get past the limitation by enabling a particular setting, which we have discussed below in detail.

  • Start with launching Kodi from your desktop or home screen.
  • Click the cogwheel in the top row of the Kodi home page’s sidebar.
  • Next, scroll down the following Settings page and click the System
  • Highlight Add-ons on the System screen, and then click Unknown sources on the other side.

Unknown sources

  • Ignore the warning message and click Yes to proceed. The Live TV Serbia Kodi add-on is safe to install.

Now that you have enabled add-on installation from unknown sources, you can install the Live TV Serbia Repository and the add-on without errors.

2: Install Live TV Serbia Repository

Live TV Serbia Repository is a popular source of video add-ons, builds, and skins. Of course, it also hosts the Live TV Serbia add-on, so you will need it first. Here’s how to get it on Kodi:

  • Go to File manager from the Kodi Settings page and click Add source. It should bring up a new window.
  • Next, click <None> on the following window and enter this URL: Click the OK button to save it.

Live TV Serbia Repo

  • Click the bottom text field in the window and give the file source any name you want. For reference, we will go with “LTV Serbia”

watch Live TV Serbia

  • Now click OK to save the source, then return to the Kodi Settings.
  • Click the Add-ons tile in the Settings, followed by the Install from zip file option on the ‘Add-on browser’ page.

Install from zip file

  • After that, select LTV Serbia or the file source you named and added earlier.

live tv serbia kodi addon

  • Finally, click the file in the parent directory. It will send you back to the Add-on browser page.

Live TV Serbia Repository

In a few seconds, you should see the Live TV Serbia Repository Add-on installed notification on the upper-right side of the screen.

3: Install Live TV Serbia Addon

Now that you have access to the Live TV Serbia Repository, you are a few steps away from installing the add-on. Simply follow the remaining instructions below to do it.

  • Scroll down the Add-on browser page and click the Install from repository
  • Now select Live TV Serbia Repository in the repository list, then scroll down and click the Video add-ons option on the next screen.
  • After that, choose Live TV Serbia from the list of video add-ons and click Install.

Install Live TV Serbia Addon

  • Click OK once again to install the additional add-ons and scripts.

The Live TV Serbia add-on should get installed on Kodi in a minute or two. A notification will prompt you about it.

After it’s installed, you can launch the Live TV Serbia add-on from the Add-ons section of the Kodi home page. You will see it right under the Video add-ons row.

Overview of the Live TV Serbia Kodi Addon

It takes half a minute or so for the Live TV Serbia add-on to set up for the first time, so wait until it finishes loading.

Once it’s done, you should see dozens of categories on the screen, such as Daily IPTV List, Sport IPTV, Balkan Free TV, World IPTV, Serbia IPTV Channels, Hungary, Germany, Croatia, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Serije & Filmovi (Series and Films), etc.

Overview of the Live TV Serbia Kodi Addon

Each category divides into smaller sub-categories, making it easier for Kodi users to navigate and find their preferred content.

If you are looking for free American live TV channels, head over to the Daily IPTV List section, then scroll down and click US Free. Apart from 100+ channels sorted in alphabetical order, you will also find multiple backup streams for popular networks.

From Serije & Filmovi (Series and Films) section, you can search for international movies, shows, and documentaries. If the add-on asks you to install an add-on for a particular subcategory, click Yes and wait for it to get downloaded and installed.

To mark a channel as a favorite, right-click on it or press the Options / Menu button on the remote with the channel highlighted, and then click the “Add to livetvSerbia Favorites” option. You can access the channels from the Favorites folder on the add-on’s main screen.

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To Conclude

We hope you have managed to install Live TV Serbia addon on Kodi by following the step-by-step tutorial above. During our time with the add-on, we didn’t face any notable bugs, slowdowns, or crashes. While the stream quality is mediocre at its best, it’s pretty much expected from a free IPTV add-on.

The Kodi add-on mentioned in this guide offers access to unlicensed streams. Thus, make sure to use a VPN and hide your streaming activities to avoid receiving copyright infringement notices from your internet service provider. Still, proceed at your own discretion.

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