How to Install Locast on FireStick

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Traditional cable and satellite television providers are slowly losing their ground to newer subscription-based live TV services. They also feature value-added perks like on-demand content, cloud DVR recording, and concurrent streams.

However, popular online live TV providers have drastically increased their subscription prices, some of which now cost as much as a regular cable bill every month. This is due to the providers obtaining streaming rights for additional cable channels to make their lineup more attractive.

All it does is force subscribers to end up paying more money for channels that they don’t even watch. Hence, it defeats the whole purpose of cutting the cord.

While there are cheaper live TV providers in the market, they don’t always offer the best lineup of channels. Alternatively, you can set up a digital antenna with your television to watch OTA (over-the-air) channels for free. Unfortunately, it will cost you both money and time to set up correctly.

If you are looking for the most affordable service to watch local channels, consider trying out Locast. It makes OTA channels in your area available for streaming, eliminating the need for setting up a digital antenna. All you need is an internet connection and a supported device.

Fortunately, Locast is officially available on Amazon Fire TV devices, meaning you can install it on your Firestick and watch local channels.

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What does Locast offer on Firestick?

Locast for firestick

Locast takes local broadcast signals and streams them over the internet in select markets. It offers channels that you can usually watch with a digital TV antenna, except that you don’t need one.

The service currently covers 20+ markets in the United States, including Atlanta, Boston, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Detroit, Dallas, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, Miami, New York, Puerto Rico, Phoenix, Philadelphia, Rapid City, Seattle, Sioux City, San Francisco, Tampa Bay, West Palm Beach, Washington DC, etc.

Depending on which area you are in, you get to watch somewhere between 30 to 50 local channels on Locast.

The service gives you access to your local ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and Telemundo stations, which alone is enough for entertainment, sports, and news content.

You can stream your favorite TV shows round the clock, as well as stay updated with local and national news coverage. Furthermore, you can enjoy regular-season NFL matchups, primetime NBA games, MLB games, and dozens of other live sports events on the channels.

In select areas, you can also watch premium channels like The CW and PBS, alongside less popular networks like Cozi TV, Court TV, Ion, MeTV, TBD, World, etc. Compared to the preprogrammed linear channels found on Pluto TV and Xumo, Locast’s offerings are actually live.

Locast relies on donations in order to keep their services up and running. If you want to avoid the donation requests every fifteen minutes when streaming a channel, you need to donate a minimum fee of $5/month.

The service also offers more expensive donation tiers, but none of them provides additional perks or benefits over the $5 monthly tier.


  • You can watch dozens of local channels for free with Locast on Firestick.
  • The Locast app has an EPG (Electonic Program Guide) built-in, which you can use to view what’s currently playing on the local channels.
  • Locast lets you enable closed captions for all the available channel streams in your area.
  • You can stream select channels in up to 1080p Full HD. The quality adapts to your internet bandwidth to provide a smooth streaming experience.
  • Besides the recurring donation requests, it’s a free live TV streaming service with proper local American cable channels.

How to Install Locast on Firestick?

Installing Locast on Firestick takes little to no effort, as it’s officially available on the Appstore for Fire TV devices. If you haven’t installed apps on your Firestick before, follow the steps below to get Locast on Firestick.

  • Use the Alexa remote to highlight the Search icon (magnifier) at the upper-left side of the Home
  • Select and click the on-screen letters to type in “Locast” in the search field.
  • Now choose Locast from the following search results below the search field.

search for locast

  • Click the app tile under Apps & Games on the next screen.

  • After that, click Get to start downloading the Locast app on your Firestick. The installation should begin right after the download finishes.

Once Locast is installed, you will be able to launch it from the “Your Apps & Channels” row on the Home page.

For quick access, press and hold the Home button on your Alexa remote, then click Apps in the pop-up menu. The Locast app should be situated at the bottom of the apps list.

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How to Activate Locast App on Firestick?

Locast on Firestick requires activation before you can access your local channel feeds. You can follow the instructions below to activate the app.

  • First, launch the Locast app on your device. Assuming you are in Locast’s serviceable area, you should see the activation screen with a verification code for you to use.
  • Visit from a new tab in your current browser and click the Create Account link.

activate Locast on Firestick

  • Enter your email address and password for a Locast account, then click the Register.

register account

  • Once you successfully create the account, enter the activation code displayed in the Locast app, and click Submit.

That’s all you have to do in order to activate Locast on Firestick. The welcome screen on the Locast app should close up upon successful activation. After that, you will see all the local channels available for streaming in your area.

Guide to Use Locast on Firestick

Locast on Fire TV devices provides a modern yet very simple interface for users to navigate around. There are four options in the top navigation panel: Live TV Guide, Cities, Settings, and Logout.

Guide to Use Locast on Firestick

If the local channels don’t appear in the TV guide, highlight the Cities tab, and select your location manually from the list. To access local channels in other markets, you can use a VPN app on Firestick and connect to a VPN server in your preferred American city.

Bear in mind that not all VPN services work properly with Locast.

To watch live TV, go to the Live TV Guide and select the local channel you wish to stream on Firestick. You can then click the OK button on the Alexa remote to start playing back the highlighted channel. From the same page, you can also check the programming schedule for each channel.

From Settings, you can toggle on closed captioning for the live channel streams and change the app language. The Logout option logs you out from the Locast app.

If you are bothered by the request-for-donation interruptions when streaming on Locast, go to You can choose to donate as low as $5 per month to remove the donation requests.

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Final Thoughts

If local channels satisfy your live TV needs, Locast is a must-have app on your Firestick. Those who wish to watch premium entertainment, sports, or cable news channels should consider paying for a cheap Sling or Philo subscription instead.

Locast doesn’t offer any additional DVR or on-demand perks, but it does deliver a robust live TV streaming experience. You can install the app on not only Firestick but also the Fire TV (Box/Pendant), Fire TV Cube, and Fire TV Edition Smart TVs.

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