How to Install Fusion on Kodi

In this guide, we will show you how to get Fusion on Kodi. Note that Fusion Kodi addon is also compatible with Kodi v17.6 Krypton (at the time of this writing).

Those who have been using Kodi for a long time now already know the importance of repositories. They basically are a distribution system for various add-ons, just like an app store.

The vanilla version of Kodi is preloaded with the Kodi add-on repository, where you can find dozens of community add-ons certified by XBMC developers. While it’s an excellent place for new users to start experimenting with add-ons on Kodi, their selection is somewhat limited.

You can also install Kodi add-ons from third-party sources. The open-source nature of the software has encouraged others to step up the development of add-ons to make Kodi more versatile than it already is.

However, the way third-party add-ons needs to be sideloaded is still inconvenient at its best — which many of you Kodi enthusiasts will also agree to.

Long-time Kodi users should recall Fusion, the ultimate source to hundreds of add-ons and repositories. It made it a lot simpler for users to customize the Kodi experience, at least before it was taken down last year.

However, the folks at TVAddons have recently revived Fusion on Kodi with not only a better add-on and repository collection but also newer maintenance tools and utilities.

What does Fusion Kodi Addon Offer?

Before we go into more details, we should mention that the Fusion installer tool has been renamed to Indigo, which may create some level of confusion for users. For the sake of accurate instructions, we will interchangeably use both “Fusion” and “Indigo” in this guide.

Fusion is a popular third-party source for repositories and add-ons. It provides access to the Indigo add-on, which was previously known as the Fusion Installer.

In case you didn’t know, Indigo brings maintenance tools and other utilities to Kodi, and it gives users direct access to TVAddons’ vast library of add-ons. It makes add-on installation more intuitive than ever before. All you have to do is choose your preferred add-on from the collection. Additionally, Indigo lets you install other add-ons from a zip file or a download URL.

How to Get Fusion on Kodi (Installation Guide)

Since TVAddons has now officially revived Fusion, you can get it on Kodi quite easily. It’s as easy as adding other sources when installing a third-party add-on. The following steps will guide you through the entire process:

Step 1: Allow Unknown Add-on Installation on Kodi

By default, Kodi restricts users from installing add-ons from unknown sources. However, it’s easy to bypass the checks from the Kodi settings.

Although it isn’t necessary to follow the steps below to get Fusion on Kodi, you will need to allow unknown add-on installation anyway when installing third-party repositories and dependencies from the Fusion source.

  • First, launch the Kodi app on your device.
  • Now click the cog icon at the upper left-hand corner of the Kodi home page to open up the main Settings menu.
  • Next, select and click System in the Settings. Kodi Krypton users will need to click System Settings
  • On the following page, scroll down to Add-ons on the left sidebar, then toggle the slider ON for Unknown sources.

Unknown sources

  • Click Yes regardless of what the warning message says. Fusion’s collection of add-ons and repositories are trusted and totally safe to install.

Step 2: Get Fusion on Kodi

If you have added sources to your Kodi for add-on installations before, it should be a straightforward process. Those who are not familiar with the process can read on through the following instructions:

  • Go to Kodi’s main Settings menu once again, then click the File manager
  • Highlight the Add source on the next screen and click it. A compact window should open up.
  • After that, click <None> in the window and enter “” (without quotations) in the field. Click OK to save the path.

Get Fusion on Kodi

  • Now select the field under “Enter a name for this media source” and type in ‘Fusion’ for ease of access. You can name it something else too.

fusion kodi addon

  • Provided that you have entered the correct path, Click OK in the window to save the source.

To access the Fusion source, select Add-ons from the sidebar on the Kodi Home page, then click the open-box icon above. Once you click the Install from zip file option in the Add-on browser menu, you should see Fusion in the list of sources.

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How to Install Repositories on Kodi from Fusion

Once you add the Fusion source to your Kodi, you will be able to add some of the most popular Kodi repositories available right now. Here’s how you can install them:

  • Visit the Add-on browser menu from the Kodi home page and click Install from zip file.

Install from zip file

  • From the list, select the Fusion source or whatever you named it earlier.
  • Click Kodi-repos on the next page. You should now see three different categories: English, International, and XXX-Adult.

Fusion Installer

  • Based on what you are looking for, select any of the categories. You will get a list of repositories related to what you have selected.
  • Finally, select your preferred repository zip file and click it to install on Kodi.

Once the selected repository is installed, you can access it from the Add-on browser > Install from repository. After that, you will be able to pick up an add-on from a category and install it on Kodi with ease.

Install from repository

How to Install Indigo Addon on Kodi

If you are looking to install Indigo, the rebranded Fusion Installer addon, then follow the steps below. Assuming you already have added the Fusion source, it should take no longer than a minute or two for you to install the Indigo add-on.

  • Head over to Kodi’s Add-on browser menu once again, then click the Install from zip file.
  • Select and click Fusion from the sources, followed by begin-here on the next page.

Install Indigo Addon on Kodi

  • You should now see the file. Click it and wait for the “Indigo Add-on installed” notification to show up on the upper-right corner of the screen.

Indigo Addon

To launch the Indigo add-on, scroll down to Add-ons on the Kodi home page. You should see it under the Program add-ons category.

How to Use Indigo on Kodi

Indigo offers the same options as the Fusion Installer, such as the Config Wizard, Addon Installer, Maintenance Tools, Factory Restore, Network Speed Test, System Information, Backup / Restore, etc.

From the Addon Installer option, you can browse and install video, audio, program add-ons, as well as Kodi skins. If you want to install a Kodi add-on from an external source, all you have to do is click the “Install ZIP from Online Link” option and enter the URL of the add-on zip file.

Everything else in the Indigo add-on is self-explanatory. If you have used Fusion Installer before, you should have no problems installing add-ons from it and personalizing your Kodi experience.

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To Conclude

Fusion is your all-in-one portal to hundreds of high-quality Kodi repositories. You can also install the Indigo add-on from the Fusion source and take advantage of all the Kodi maintenance tools and utilities previously found in the Fusion Installer.

If you find yourself switching between add-ons all the time, Fusion is a must-have source for your Kodi repository and add-on needs. Whether you are using Kodi on your Android device or Windows/Linux/macOS computer, Fusion is available on supported Kodi platforms.

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